Примеры шаблонов


Two kinds of navigation are used in these templates. For each there is a menu template in the Menu Manager. CSSMenu is a dropdown menu using only CSS. Well, for Internet Explorer 6 some JavaScript has to be used... Two of the page templates are using CSSMenu for navigation, one with the menu horizontally at the top and the other with the menu vertically to the left.

The other navigation type is what we call Simple Navigation. That is just an unordered list that gets its style and appearance from the style sheets (CSS). Also here one page template is using a horizontal simple navigation and the other a vertical menu.

The menu tag in each template is used like this: {menu template='cssmenu.tpl'}, where the cssmenu.tpl is the name of the Menu Manager template, if you make a custom menu template you don't need to use the .tpl on the end. More parameters can be used, for example to start a menu from the second level, collapse the children pages until the parent is clicked etc.

CMSMS tags in the templates

Left simple navigation + 1 column

Top simple navigation + left subnavigation + 1 column

CSSMenu top + 2 columns

CSSMenu left + 1 column

Minimal template